Youtube Algorithms: Hack the Youtube Algorithm | Full Guide Ebook


Youtube Algorithms: Hack the Youtube Algorithm | Full Guide Ebook

Youtube Algorithms: Hack the Youtube Algorithm | Full Guide Ebook

Introduction :

If you’re new to internet marketing or business in general, I figured it would be a good idea to go over some basic concepts that will help you to understand the big picture of internet marketing.

Most people coming into this industry approaching Internet marketing ultimately the wrong way and don’t have the right idea of how these core business concepts are. This lack of knowledge will only lead to more failures and frustration.

I remember before I first started, I thought marketing was all about advertising and selling, which in my mind meant pitching and “pushing” someone to buy something they may or may not need. A lot of people have that idea, but it’s the wrong mindset. Let me explain this.

Let’s start by talking about the “lifeblood” of all businesses and the economy – money. This word can evoke negative emotions in a lot of people, but it’s a lack of understanding and our upbringing that created this mindset.

Money is simply energy and the measure of the value that you create, which is determined by what the market currently views as valuable. It’s simply just a physical and measurable way to show how much we or someone else values something.

Important: Money is neither good nor bad; it just magnifies more of who we already are.

What Is Value?

This can be subjective, but usually, it’s a solution to a problem, answer to a question, or something that brings a benefit to someone or something.In other words, anything that leaves someone or something in a better place than before.

Table of Content :

Chapter 1: How To Make A Youtube Channel

Chapter 2: Quality Content Is King

Chapter 3: How Marketing Works On Youtube

Chapter 4: Monetization

Chapter 5: 7 Youtube Channel Goals You Can Control

Chapter 6: Best Techniques to Use YouTube To Promote Your Business

Chapter 7: What Matters Most for Getting Subscribers?

Chapter 8: Collaborations

Chapter 9: Using Social Media to Promote Your Channel

Chapter 10: Use Your Channel To Promote Your Merchandise

Chapter 11: Ways To Grow Your Business Through YouTube Marketing


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