Argon - A Light And Clean WordPress Theme


Argon - A Light And Clean WordPress Theme

Argon - A Light And Clean WordPress Theme

  • Lightweight and Beautiful - Using the Argon Design System front frame, the details are exquisite and light and beautiful
  • Highly customizable - customizable theme color, layout (two-column/single-column/three-column), top bar, side bar, banner, background image, different backgrounds in day and night mode, background immersion, floating action buttons, etc. Rich customization options
  • Night mode - supports three modes of day, night and pure black, and can automatically switch or follow the system night mode according to the time
  • Numerous features - Tag and category statistics, author links, additional links, article word count and estimated reading time, article outdated information display
  • Pjax - Support Pjax without refresh loading, improve browsing experience
  • Friendship link - Supports the use of the link manager that comes with Wordpress for link management, and supports a variety of link styles
  • "Talking" function - express your thoughts at any time and display them on the special "Talking" page, and also support the interspersed talk and homepage articles
  • Comment function extension - Ajax comments, comments support Markdown, verification code, re-editing, display UA, private message mode, email notification when replying, viewing editing records, infinite loading and other functions
  • Many features - article table of contents, reading progress, Mathjax or Katex formula parsing, image zoom preview, Pangu.js text formatting, smooth scrolling, etc.
  • Rich Shortcodes - Supports inserting TODOs, labels, warnings, tips, collapse blocks, Github info cards, timelines, hidden text, videos and other modules into articles via shortcodes
  • Adapt to Gutenberg editor - supports inserting blocks visually using Gutenberg editor
  • Multilingual - Support Chinese, English, Russian and other languages
  • Others - Responsive, well-optimized article reading interface CSS, toggleable serif/sans serif fonts, customizable CSS and JS, support for accelerated static file access using CDN, SEO friendly, banner typing animations, message board pages, articles footnotes etc

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